Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bonding with my Neighborhood

I have now officially lived in my apartment for a year. Yeah me! So in honor of this semi-momentous occasion, I decided to try to bond with my neighborhood. It's surprising that I have not really done this until now. I mean I shop in the area and go to the laundromat, but for some reason, if I to do things it has been outside a 10 mile radius of my residence. So today I changed things up a bit and spend a good chunk of time (a bit of cash I will admit) getting to know the area better.

The catalyst for this was fact I needed a hair cut. It's strange, but that first second when you notice that you should get a hair cut, it's like every second that you don't remedy the situation is one second too long. Or at least for me. And I have to admit that the other salon that I had been using since my transplant to the Commonwealth was a bit pricey. So I call up the place that I drive by twice a day to and from work. They were able to get me in right away, which thrilled me to no end. It was cheaper, they did a good job, and it was only two store fronts down from the comic book shop that I had been meaning to stop in at.

Freshly shorn I wandered the comic shop for long enough, that I felt the need to spend a few dollars on a back issue. Then I tried the local diner. Which provided me with a very tasty breakfast burrito (sadly with out the green chili that I came to know in love in New mexico). So nicely fed on burrito goodness and people watching (cause that's what I do when I eat alone) I feel that I have come to know my little corner of the Boston area.

Was it really a productive day? Um, kinda. If nothing else I am fed, with a spiffy new do, and a new comic book. But that's how I know that I am and adult - I'm more thrilled about the new hair cut than the new comic. Ah well.

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