Thursday, April 5, 2012

From the depths of the archives....

Since I have not posted anything since Jesus wore short pants, I have decided to pull some thing from the depths of my hard drive. Much dust had to be blown off this one, but I like it and think I did pretty OK on this one. It just goes to prove that every once in awhile I can come up with something to be proud of.


We are the Venti Triple Shot 2 Pump mocha generation my friends.
Weaned on the Espresso pumping teat of Mother Starbucks and her French Roasted spawn.
We have to be smarter, worker harder and party the hardest of any generation.
Red eye caffeine zombies come Monday morning.
But there is only so long one can survive in a caffeinated carnival of horrors – before we


Sucking grinds and foam dregs in desperation.
They have trained us to forget the simple joy of a cup of tea. . .
Think only in the confines of the ‘To Go’ cup
But the 60% post-consumer recycled fiber insulated ring can’t keep me from burning
Out on consumerism.
I want to be an artist – to have everything in my Ikea Fabulous Swedish post-modern minimalist inner-self.
I want to change the world
Get out the vote
Log off
Turn down the constant volume of it all –
And just be

But maybe that’s just the caffeine talking  

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  1. Glad you posted this one; hadn't seen it in a while! Keep on a bloggin'....