Sunday, January 8, 2012

A blog post for the New Year

And so now it's 2012. I did what a lot of people do on New Years; went to a party, watched Dick Clark with a sense of horror and pity (and asked why he was orange), made some resolutions to improve myself and sang a passable version of 'Here Comes Your Man' while playing Rock Band.  You know, the usual.

So with all that I have been in a contemplative mood. So I've made my resolution(s). It's technically one resolution, but it encompasses multiple things. So I have made a start of it, which is good, and if I ever come to the positive end of it I will be most pleased. But sometimes the New Year is just good for looking back and figuring out what life has taught you. I will admit, it hasn't been all fun for me this years, and a lot of the things I learned have been painful. But that's life in a nutshell. You live, you get hurt, you heal. Repeat.

It's a bit daunting to be starting down the barrel of another year. If horoscopes are to believed, then I should have a good month. I haven't checked the Chinese horoscope yet. It's the year of the Black Water Dragon, according to the internet search that I've done. This is still the year of the Rabbit - which was/is supposed to have been a good one for me - as I am a goat/sheep. Not sure if that were true. I would rank it more as fair to middlin' (as Gram would say). But as there is still a month left in it, behaps it will end on a high note for me. We shall see.

So lets end where we begun - it's 2012, how about that?

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  1. Good luck with your all-encompassing resolution. May your resolve not waiver! (waver?)