Thursday, November 17, 2011

Limerick love

My dad told me my first limerick when I was about 6, and to this day I still remember it. And it was:

There was a young lady of Madras
who had a marvelous ass.
Twasn't pretty and pink as you were to think,
But was gray, had long ears and ate grass.

Since then I have a love of bawdy lines. As today was a bit of a drag, I have composed one. Please note, that this is neither autobiographical or biographical....

There was a young lady of Boston
with proclivities both lewd and wanton.
Nights on the town in which she downed
liquor, wine and ales
And most of the Navy before they sailed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creature of the Night

I am a night person - I will freely admit that. In college I did my best writing at one in the morning after hockey practice. There is something about typing late into the night that I find invigorating. But alas, now that I am a day slave to the cubicle mines of Corporate America, my late night writing binges have pretty much come to an end.

For me, midnight usually means that I should start thinking about going to bed. I know that I need more sleep but I just can't seem to settle down to the heavy work of it. At times when my stress levels are higher than what is good for me I suffer from what I call psudo-insomnia. It takes me a long time to fall asleep, but once there I can manage quiet well.

Morpheus and I have a rocky relationship at times, but once wrapped in his warm and deep embrace I am loath to leave. I am a sucker for a good cuddle, but there are times when we are barely able be in the same room. Just call it par for the course, my histories of relationships has not been stellar. Ah well. Does Hallmark make a card for wooing back the tender mercies of an anthropomorphized figure of biological necessity? If not, they are missing out on a who new genre of the greeting card industry. A Holliday can not be far behind.

Unlike most of my family I cannot nap. If I do it means I'm sick. I never mastered the cat nap, or even the power nap. When I go down, it's for a couple of hours and I wake up feeling worse for it. My mom is an Olympian napper, and there are times I envy her. But she is also a night person, don't ask me how that one came about.

But what does all this have to do with my attempt at exercising my creativity? Just this: Not that long ago when I was still new to MA and living with a college chum, I would stay up and write (a confession of a dirty little secret here) fan fic. I did this to amuse my roommate and it kept me sane. I'm not sure when I lost that creative drive, but that is what I am attempting to do here - recapture that fire that made me have to sit up and hammer away at the keyboard on an almost nightly basis.

So there it is. I'm a self confessed 'Night Person', and writer or fan fic, a sluggard of the Earth if ever there was one. But as it's currently nearing midnight, I must away to my bed in hopes of being rested enough for another day in Corporate America. But having written this I do feel slightly better. Maybe tonight Morpheus and I will be on speaking terms, or at least have a nodding acquaintance and be cooly polite. Maybe I should send flowers?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My first blog type thing ever

In an attempt to keep the stream of my creative thoughts trickling, I had an idea to compose a short verse, hiku, a witty ditty or just a random scribbling daily and send it through the medium of my new smart phone (a story for another time). But one of the friends I texted suggested that I set up a blog. So here it is. This will not set the internet alight, but what the hell, I need to do something to flex the writing muscle. Not all of it will be good, most will be crap, but one has to try.

So after procrastinating my evening away by going to target and running amuck in the toy isle, here it is:

Ode to the Office Parking Lot*

Resting, the rusting herd of horse power.
Packed flank to flank, they await the end of the day
and the stop and go ride upstream towards home.

*Author's Note: I cheated and this was from yesterday. But I actually built the blog and posted it, so I am telling myself that it counts.