Thursday, April 5, 2012

From the depths of the archives....

Since I have not posted anything since Jesus wore short pants, I have decided to pull some thing from the depths of my hard drive. Much dust had to be blown off this one, but I like it and think I did pretty OK on this one. It just goes to prove that every once in awhile I can come up with something to be proud of.


We are the Venti Triple Shot 2 Pump mocha generation my friends.
Weaned on the Espresso pumping teat of Mother Starbucks and her French Roasted spawn.
We have to be smarter, worker harder and party the hardest of any generation.
Red eye caffeine zombies come Monday morning.
But there is only so long one can survive in a caffeinated carnival of horrors – before we


Sucking grinds and foam dregs in desperation.
They have trained us to forget the simple joy of a cup of tea. . .
Think only in the confines of the ‘To Go’ cup
But the 60% post-consumer recycled fiber insulated ring can’t keep me from burning
Out on consumerism.
I want to be an artist – to have everything in my Ikea Fabulous Swedish post-modern minimalist inner-self.
I want to change the world
Get out the vote
Log off
Turn down the constant volume of it all –
And just be

But maybe that’s just the caffeine talking  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bonding with my Neighborhood

I have now officially lived in my apartment for a year. Yeah me! So in honor of this semi-momentous occasion, I decided to try to bond with my neighborhood. It's surprising that I have not really done this until now. I mean I shop in the area and go to the laundromat, but for some reason, if I to do things it has been outside a 10 mile radius of my residence. So today I changed things up a bit and spend a good chunk of time (a bit of cash I will admit) getting to know the area better.

The catalyst for this was fact I needed a hair cut. It's strange, but that first second when you notice that you should get a hair cut, it's like every second that you don't remedy the situation is one second too long. Or at least for me. And I have to admit that the other salon that I had been using since my transplant to the Commonwealth was a bit pricey. So I call up the place that I drive by twice a day to and from work. They were able to get me in right away, which thrilled me to no end. It was cheaper, they did a good job, and it was only two store fronts down from the comic book shop that I had been meaning to stop in at.

Freshly shorn I wandered the comic shop for long enough, that I felt the need to spend a few dollars on a back issue. Then I tried the local diner. Which provided me with a very tasty breakfast burrito (sadly with out the green chili that I came to know in love in New mexico). So nicely fed on burrito goodness and people watching (cause that's what I do when I eat alone) I feel that I have come to know my little corner of the Boston area.

Was it really a productive day? Um, kinda. If nothing else I am fed, with a spiffy new do, and a new comic book. But that's how I know that I am and adult - I'm more thrilled about the new hair cut than the new comic. Ah well.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A blog post for the New Year

And so now it's 2012. I did what a lot of people do on New Years; went to a party, watched Dick Clark with a sense of horror and pity (and asked why he was orange), made some resolutions to improve myself and sang a passable version of 'Here Comes Your Man' while playing Rock Band.  You know, the usual.

So with all that I have been in a contemplative mood. So I've made my resolution(s). It's technically one resolution, but it encompasses multiple things. So I have made a start of it, which is good, and if I ever come to the positive end of it I will be most pleased. But sometimes the New Year is just good for looking back and figuring out what life has taught you. I will admit, it hasn't been all fun for me this years, and a lot of the things I learned have been painful. But that's life in a nutshell. You live, you get hurt, you heal. Repeat.

It's a bit daunting to be starting down the barrel of another year. If horoscopes are to believed, then I should have a good month. I haven't checked the Chinese horoscope yet. It's the year of the Black Water Dragon, according to the internet search that I've done. This is still the year of the Rabbit - which was/is supposed to have been a good one for me - as I am a goat/sheep. Not sure if that were true. I would rank it more as fair to middlin' (as Gram would say). But as there is still a month left in it, behaps it will end on a high note for me. We shall see.

So lets end where we begun - it's 2012, how about that?