Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, The NyQuil Hangovers!

If I had a punk band, I would call them the NyQuil Hangovers. That's because NyQuil hangovers kick my ass. I have an inner punk rocker. Purple hair, plaid skirt, Doc Martens, studded belt, safety pins in the nose, the whole 9 yards. That is why I sing way to loud to the Sex Pistols and the Pixies on occasion. But I digress...

To rewind a bit: Yes it's been way too long since I have last posted. There have been a many reasons, but the most simple reason is I have not been feeling up to it. Lame, I know. There has been "stuff" that I have been dealing with, and sometimes I just do not have the emotional energy at the end of a day to sit down and type out a bit of none sense even for my own delight. Ah well. But after some none too subtle prodding from my sibling (she does it cause she cares) I have a bit of randomness to post.

The other reason that posts have been thin on the ground since before Thanksgiving is because I have been sick. Blah. Last Wednesday it was snowing here in the Bay State, then the next day it was 65. My sinuses are just not up to that type of mistreatment. I started feeling the sinus headache trolls giving their pick axes a swing late the next day and it went down hill from there. Monday was such a slice of hell on toast that I did something that I normally don't do. I took NyQuil. I came straight home from work, dosed myself with the green devil's liquid and went to bed. The next morning I had felt disconnected from my body and stupid. That is what I call the NyQuil Hangover. Painful like a real hangover, but there was no fun previously had to have earned such punishment. But I survived the day and that is what counts.

So that's it really. Nothing Earth shattering, but at least it's a post. Onward and upward.

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