Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My first blog type thing ever

In an attempt to keep the stream of my creative thoughts trickling, I had an idea to compose a short verse, hiku, a witty ditty or just a random scribbling daily and send it through the medium of my new smart phone (a story for another time). But one of the friends I texted suggested that I set up a blog. So here it is. This will not set the internet alight, but what the hell, I need to do something to flex the writing muscle. Not all of it will be good, most will be crap, but one has to try.

So after procrastinating my evening away by going to target and running amuck in the toy isle, here it is:

Ode to the Office Parking Lot*

Resting, the rusting herd of horse power.
Packed flank to flank, they await the end of the day
and the stop and go ride upstream towards home.

*Author's Note: I cheated and this was from yesterday. But I actually built the blog and posted it, so I am telling myself that it counts.

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